Monday, April 11, 2016

The Force is awakened

Yesterday me and Jun decided to go to sugbo mercado to have a feast (because we were starving) but unfortunately it was closed since it was sunday. So instead,we decided to look for a place to hangout until we arrived at a corner near Sacred heart school for girls to find this star wars themed cafe (YES you read it right it's a star wars themed cafe!).

The cafe's interior isn't much (still under construction I guess?) and it only caters approximately 15 people max since the place is really small but if you're a star wars enthusiast then Amidala Cafe is definitely the place for you.

                                                        look at these star wars goodies

   this cubicle can fit three-four people and it has plugs so if you want to stay here longer then having a low battery isn't a problem :)

The cafe only offer drinks as of the moment but worry not! their milkshakes are TO DIE FOR!

THIS DRINK I'M SORRY BUT I JUST HAVE TO! OMG! ALL HAIL CHOCOLATE! called the "force choke milkshake", it definitely awakens the gastronomic force within you. For only a 190 pesos you can enjoy this magnificent thirst quenching drink.  (PS. this is not on their menu yet so this is one of the special drinks they have on their facebook page.)

It has a unique combination of nutty, chocolate-y and salty flavor that makes me want more but man diabetes so NVM hahahha

 Yoda: (thinks to himself) to order a second one or not hmmm........

The staff is very kind and the place is really quiet so it is a good study place! plus YODA well
 nuff 'said.

Amidala cafe is located at Maria Cristina St. Maria Cristina Arcade Building, Kamputhaw Cebu City
near HIJAS cebu . You can also reach them on facebook at